Professore Morteza Samet
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Full Name:Morteza Sameti
Father's Name:Mohammad
I.D No:879
Date of Birth:1957
Marital Status:Married
Number of Children:3

II. Academic Background:

1- BSC:Economic Management
Graduated from:Karaj School of Math & Economic Management in 1979

2- MSC:Economic Sciences
Graduated from:Tarbiat Modarres University in 1986
Specialized in:Development Economic & Econometrics
Subject of Dissertation:Analysis of the Situation of Policy making and activity in Iran Agriculture Sector

3- PhD:Economic Sciences
Graduated from:Tarbiat Modarres University in 1993
Major Specialized in:Public Sector Economy
Minor Specialized in:Econometrics
Subject of Dissertation:Optimal Size of Government Economic Activities in Iran


Teaching at:Mazanderan University
Tehran University
Tarbiat Modarres University
Isfahan University
Azad University
From 1986 to now

Teaching at the level of BSC in the following courses:
Management Economy
Public Sector Economy

Teaching at the level of MSC in the following Courses:
Public Sector Economics

Teaching at the level of PhD in the following courses:
Public Sector Economic


-Faculty Member of Economic Faculty of Mazanderan University(1986-1989)
-Dean of Economic Faculty of Mazanderan University
-Dean Assistant of Economic research Centre of Tarbiat Modaress University(1989- 1993)
-Faculty Member of Administration Science and Economic Faculty of Isfahan University as Assistant professor(1993-2003)
-General Director of Research Affairs of Isfahan University(1993- 2000)
-Dean of Administrative Science and Economic Faculty of Isfahan University(2000- 2003)
-Head of Economic Department of Azad University(1993-2009)
-Faculty Member of Administration Science and Economic Faculty of Isfahan University as Associate professor(2003-2011)
-Faculty Member of Administration Science and Economic Faculty of Isfahan University as Full professor(2011)
-Faculty Member of Administration Science and Economic Faculty of Isfahan University as Retired Full professor(2012)
-Manager of Robin Research Company (RRC) (2012)

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Dr Sameti Visited the Florida State University in U.S.A as sabbatical live from October 2003 to July 2004for studding the Globalization,Economic Freedom and Government Economic Activities”. This research performed with cooperation of Professor J. Gwartney,as host. He is professor of Economics in the DeVoe Moore Centre for study of Critical issues in economic policy at Florida State University. He served as chief economist of the joint economic committee of USA congress.