About Institute
Ragheb Isfahani Higher Education Institute was founded and started its activities in the level of higher education in 2006. It is currently located in the North of Isfahan Province with the property area of 20,000 square meters and a 13,000-square-foot infrastructure. The student population of the institute reaches nearly 3,300 students. It includes three departments; namely Technical Engineering, Humanities, and Art and Architecture, 14 faculties, and 38 degree programs. The mission of the institute is to help promote the culture and knowledge of the society, train the required human resources for meeting the general and special needs of the country, and increase the extents of art, science, knowledge and research. Fortunately, the evaluations carried out by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology have confirmed the attainment of these objectives and the institute has been widely renowned. Regarding the educational indicators, a large number of graduates of this institute have continued their education, proceeded with the higher education programs, and have gained top grades and ranks in educational competitions and Olympiads.
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